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URGENT – Found 2 small dogs

These two dogs were just found in the alley behind our house on 5th St. NW between Webster and Allison in Petworth.  We have the dogs in our fenced-in backyard but cannot keep them there for long.  No tags, of course. They are friendly, and very thirsty and hungry.  They look to be about 20-30 lbs, but that is just a guess based on our own small dogs.  Please let me know if you have any ideas where these dogs are from.  Email me at [email protected].

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Here is the other dog:

Take them to a vet/shelter to be scanned for microchips.

No chips on the dogs.  My partner is now trying to figure out how to get them groomed  as they have a bad case of fleas.  She is putting frontline on them and may end up giving them a bath herself.  
We are discovering how difficult it is to deal with a stray animal in this city.  If anyone has any suggestions for rescue/shelter organizations that might be helpful, I’d appreciate it.  We have two small dogs and just cannot keep these two, but we really don’t want to call animal control because they are very attached to each other and we fear they’d get separated.  C’mon Popville, offer up some ideas!

Another update.  So these are two young (1-2 yrs) purebred lhaso apso’s that it appears were owned for the purpose of breeding and were not cared for otherwise.  Our hunch is that the owners decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and just let them go.  We’ve been able to rid them of most of their mats thanks to the very kind folks at Wagtime on 9th St. accross from the convention center.  They are very sweet dogs but are going to need some good training and socialization.  We are working with a rescue group to get them spayed/neutered and placed in good homes.  If anyone is interested in adopting, please let me know by email at [email protected].

You are doing such a wonderful thing for these dogs!  They are lucky to have been found by you!

I wish we were in a position to adopt a dog (or dogs) right now because I would love to take them. I had a Lhasa growing up and though he could be tempermental, he was a great dog. I hope they find a wonderful home and I’ll echo everyone else saying what a great thing you are doing for these dogs.

Terrific. Good for you for helping these poor guys out. You are wonderful!

The dogs (Lucy and Charlie) are getting spayed and neutered today, and all necessary shots, etc..  They are now officially looking for a good home.  I think each of them will make great pets.  Charlie is sweet, somewhat submissive, and very cuddly.  Lucy is more high energy, very affectionate, loves to play, but not so good with other female dogs (this may change drastically after she is spayed).  We think they need to be adopted into separate homes because Lucy really dominates Charlie.  Please let me know if you know anyone interested – [email protected].  We think they’ll find homes quite quickly because they are so cute.  

Beth, not sure if you’re working with a rescue organization or if you’re doing this all on your own, but either way, kudos to you!
If you’re doing it all on your own, and if the dogs don’t get adopted promptly, you might want to connect with a rescue organization.  Sometimes Homeward Trails and other rescues will list animals from individual rescuers on Petfinder as “courtesy posts.”

Hello everyone –
I just wanted to let everyone know that we were able to place both dogs in good homes.  We are very happy although a little sad because we became attached to them.  But mostly, we are just happy that they found lovely homes with great families and should live happy lives for many years.  I want to highly recommend Lucky Dog Rescue and Wagtime.  They were great in helping us!

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