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General Discussion December 4, 2012 at 8:13 am

Update on bikeshare expansion?

Hello all – The crowd soure map by Mobility Lab was launched awhile ago. It shows a station at Sherman Circle, but the map on the Capital Bikeshare website doesn’t show it.  I was wondering… 1. Does a bikeshare rack exist at Sherman Circle? | 2. Does anyone knew anything about Bikeshare coming further north like Missouri, Kennedy intersection, Fort Totten, or Takoma Park metro? | 3. Any other developments?

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I heard a story on NPR this morning about how Bikeshare expansion has been stalled due to lack of equipment.  Maybe that has somthing to do with it? More info here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-wire/post/capital-bikeshare-expansion-stalls-due-to-lack-of-materials/2012/12/03/cdfe2ae4-3d8a-11e2-ae43-cf491b837f7b_blog.html

There is no bikeshare rack at Sherman Circle. The closest one is about 1/2 mile away at Georgia/Upshur.
There is an article in today’s Post about delayed explansion of Bikeshare because they can’t get the necessary equipment soon enough.

Here is a screenshot of what I see.

I have suggested that station, and think it would be perfect! There are a TON of residents within .3 miles of that station that would now have access. I live two blocks north of here, and currently walk to GA and Upshur, but it is a long walk. There certainly is not currently a station at this location. Would much prefer a station here though!
Just checked the BikeArlington website, and it does indeed indicate a station at Sherman Circle. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

It looks like the map at mobilitylab(dot)org/bikearlington/cabistations/ has been corrected. It doesn’t show a BikeShare at Sherman Circle now.

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