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Business June 25, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Undercharged by Comcast – Now They Want Their $$ Back

Back in February, Comcast made an error on my bill and undercharged me.  It wasn’t insignificant – the total probably got me a couple free months of cable/internet.  When I initially brought it to their attention, they didn’t realize the mistake and stuck by the error (to my benefit). But now Comcast has  discovered the long buried billing mistake and is basically saying I need to pay up — for something that happened montsh ago.  I’m of the opinion that this was Comcast’s mistake and is therefore not my problem, but Comcast’s, so I shouldn’t owe them anything.  Anybody have any idea if the law is on my side or Comcast’s side?  Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping track of my calls to Comcast these last few months.

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If you have a valid contract with them that says you will pay X dollars per month, then I’m guessing you owe them that much even if they mistakenly billed you for a different amount. If they billed you *too much* and you didn’t notice for a few months, would you just let it go?

This happened to me a couple of years ago.  After hours of argument with several levels of managers (to no avail), I paid the difference and immediately canceled my service.  Now I have RCN, which is much more stable and trouble-free.  After I told every one of my friends about the episode, they also switched to RCN.

You could consider it a loan to you, be happy that you had the money for that time, and now pay what you owed back then.

bleh…i would seriously question staying with them.
I’d say that *I* brought this to your attention, rather than trying to scam you. As a loyal customer, you should waive any excess charges. i’d threaten to simply disconnect and go with RCN is they won’t budge.

same thing happened to me – they alerted me that I had been billed incorrectly and owed about $50 – as the comcast rep. was making the necessary changes to the billing information she kept saying “now just bear with me a moment – I’ve never done this before..” 
got home and my service had been disconnected….
why DC doesnt have more options for cable providers is very curioius….

About a month ago I received a letter from Comcast stating that they had been undercharging me for several months and that they’d corrected the error, and that I should expect my bill to increase.  They also included 3 vouchers for a $5.99 on demand movie.  I have no idea how much, in total, they’d been undercharging me, but I guess it couldn’t have been THAT much because they were surprisingly blasé about it.

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