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Religion and Spirituality January 11, 2012 at 4:03 pm

ULC Endorser

I’m a registered wedding officiant in WV as a ULC minister.  I have a couple wanting to marry in DC (they are gay, so it wouldn’t be legal in my state) and I need to find an endorser.  I found a thread where someone named “Eric” was willing, but I was unable to comment on that thread.
The endorser must be a ULC minister who has been approved to perform weddings in DC.  There is a notary required, and I am happy to pay any fee involved for that.  Usually your bank will do it free or for a nominal charge.
Can someone please help me out?

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Hi Diana,
I am similarly looking for someone to serve as an “endorser” in DC for a ULC-ordained minister.  Were you able to find anyone?  Or are you willing to play the “endorser” role if you are able to preform marriage ceremonies in DC?
Thank you,

Hi, @ddorval and @artemis06 – were either of your successful? I am looking for an endorser for my brother right now.


Also looking and would love to know the answer!

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