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Topic: UIP Sucks!!!!!!! Edition 1 – Combo Trash/Laundry Room anyone??

PoPville January 19, 2013 at 11:05 pm

UIP Sucks!!!!!!! Edition 1 – Combo Trash/Laundry Room anyone??

This is a picture from 3800 New Hampshire Avenue, which is managed by UIP (Slumlords). This building features a trash and laundry room combined and looks like this every weekend. There are families living across from this trash/laundry room with children – how hygenic is that? It doesn’t stop with this combo pack of trash and laundry! There are roaches in the apartments and it takes the management 1 month to send the exterminators. Edition on water issues to follow! Anyone else live in UIP properties with similar problems?

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Hi bigbear,
I appreciate and understand your concern about the weekend trash accumulation and roaches in your building. The UIPPM service team would love to speak with you in detail about these issues. Please contact us directly at service@uippm.com and we will work with you to resolve these issues immediately. 

I have called management multiple times about various issues concerning water problems and roaches but there was no resolution. Tenants are put to inconvenience week after week with unscheduled water and gas shut offs due to construction in the basement with no end in sight. We were instructed to throw our trash in the laundry room since we did not have access to the basement due to construction. However, the trash piles up over the weekends because there is no one to clear it out. I have seen children sitting by the trash waiting while their parents are doing the laundry. These are most unsanitary conditions for anyone, least of all children to be in. There was an unscheduled elevator shut off for 2 days last month when work was happening, and the list goes on!! I don’t appreciate your management taking the tenants for granted or taking advantage of them this way. We pay high rent and expect basic comforts – we are not asking for any luxuries. I am only one voice in the association. It would benefit you from being present at one of the tenants association meetings to hear all the grievances if you want to resolve any problems. I am done calling and emailing your management – we want to see some change.

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