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Public Safety February 9, 2016 at 7:23 pm

Two kids on the loose in Shaw

Just this evening I was walking home when one kid approached me, at about 10th and P NW, just saying stuff. He started laughing so I laughed it off and crossed the street to walk away, when two seconds later, the same kid and a buddy approached me, this time asking for my phone (I was on a call). He squared up in a fighters stance and asked for the phone, and when I said no, he asked why. At that point, I bolted for the closest spot indoors I could find. I looked behind me and figured I had made enough distance, so I slowed down a bit, but two seconds later, they popped out of an alley, just laughing and saying stuff again. At that point I was right around Chaplins on 9th and I bolted again, eventually making my way to Starbucks. You’d think at that point I’d be fine, but the kids caught up with me again and one poked his head in through the door, started saying stuff and chucked a few stirrers in my direction, before heading east on O. I called the police and when the officer arrived, he mentioned that two kids with the same description had pulled a screwdriver on someone the night before. They took my info and drove me home.

The info: 2 black males, no older than 15. The one who approached me was maybe 5’4″, super young looking and was wearing a grey puffer jacket with neon yellow piping. The other kid was taller, but I hardly got a look at him, because I was sprinting. STAY ALERT PEOPLE!!!!

Also, shout out to the barista at starbucks for giving me my drink for free!! I just wish I had cash to leave a tip.


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