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Travel and Transportation June 18, 2012 at 11:23 pm

Tricky Commute: Petworth to Glover Park?

Hi everyone!
I just moved to Petworth and love everything about it….except my new commute.  I work in Glover Park and have tried many different routes to get there but can’t seem to get it much under an hour.  It’s only 4 miles away, which makes it frustrating but the bus and metro lines don’t seem to work in my favor.  Any suggestions of routes I should look in to?

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Becasue the H2/4 are so infrequent I think your best bet would be to:
1 –  take a Capital Bikeshare bike from Petworth to Tenleytown (via Porter) and then hope on a 31,32 or 36
2- take a Capital Bikeshare bike from Petworth to Dupont and then hop on a D2
3- green/yellow to archives and hope on a 32/36
4 – buy a bike and enjoy the extra hour you get in your day.

I live in Petworth and work in Van Ness and I bike to work every day and I can’t recommend it enough. I tried metro/buses when I first moved to Petworth but it was really frustrating. It takes me 15-20 minutes by bike as opposed to an hour by public transport. I go up Tilden everyday but for Glover Park you may want to do Porter. If you map it right, a good amount of your journey can be on trails and residential streets, not commuting roads. I take Upshur St to Mathewson Dr to Blagden, I take a right onto Beach and an immediate left onto Broad Branch and into the parking lot. You can pick up the trail there, take it to Porter (If you’re going to the northern part of GP) or continue on the trail to Woodley Park and exit the trail near the Omni Shoreham. You can weave through the residential neighborhoods there to get to your office. Good luck!

My wife drives from Petworth to Van Ness every morning/evening. Takes her between 15-20 minutes on average.

Agree on the H2/H4 (our best routes on the park side of Mt. Pleasant), but the WMATA next bus website makes a big difference.  It works pretty well, and at least you can have another cup of coffee instead of standing on the corner.

I’ve commuted between Mt Pleasant and Glover Park on occasion – my recommendation is biking down to P St via Adams Morgan and then across to Glover Park. Or if you need to be further north, bike via Woodley Park (Columbia Rd to Calvert to Woodley Rd to Garfield to Wisconsin). Either way it takes about 20 minutes.
I’ve not used this method, but you might look into the Georgetown shutle from Dupont Circle to Wisc Ave

If biking isn’t an option, check out Car2Go ( – not necessarily guaranteed that there will be cars in Petworth, but if you drive one home at night it’s probably likely to still be there in the morning!

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