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Travel and Transportation February 6, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Travel Agent?

Does anyone have a travel agent they can recommend in the DC area? I am looking to plan a trip with multiple destinations and when using online resources, they always create round-trip flights. I was wondering if a travel agent might be able to more successfully string together multiple one-way trips without it costing a fortune. Any experience anyone has (or other ideas for how to do this online) would be appreciated.

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Keep looking at the travel sites – most of them have a “multiple destination” box for you to check.  I have planned multiple destination itineraries many times on my own with no problems.  You might have to hunt around a little bit – under an “advanced” tab, or whatnot, but it is there on Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, as well as airline sites such as USAirways.  Hope that helps!


I’ve used Kayak’s multiple destination planner before. 


Hmm, that sucks. Have you tried using Kayak to look for US to Asia, and then for Australia to US tickets, and then looking up low-cost or discount airlines to go between Asia and Australia? I know it’s a pain in a butt, hopefully some will recommend a travel agent for you!  Here’s a start:

Try if you are unable to locate a travel agent.  I don’t know where exactly you are going, but I was able to easily plan a trip from DC to Shanghai to Sydney and back to DC with one search.  Sounds like a great trip!  Good luck!

Check a multi destination fare though American. They have a relationship with Qantas, which should get you good return trips from Australia. They should also be able to get you good flights to Asia and from Asia to Australia. Or you could just check Qantas flights from LA or San Francisco and get yourself to the west coast.


I highly recommend Paul Cate, a local travel agent who lives in Petworth! His business is Lucky Dog Vacations. The website is heavy on cruise information, but he does land travel as well!

You may want to look at a Star Alliance “Circle Pacific” fare.  You can put together a very flexible itinerary on American, Quantas, and Cathay Pacific for one flat fee.

it may have something to do w/ the dates you’re looking at traveling.. its always best to talk to an agent – especially with a circle trip – would love to help you but not in the local DC area..however always available via email if you havent found a local agency yet.

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