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General Discussion February 4, 2012 at 10:59 am

Trash in the streets Kenyon & Irving near Georgia Ave

I imagine this is an issue beyond just Kenyon and Irving Streets but as that is the area I live, those are the streets I notice the most. Does anyone that lives on the streets feel as embarrassed as I do to have  people come to your house because of the amount of trash and litter there is in the streets? I have taken to the street a handful of times by myself to clean up the trash and can generally cover about a half a block in about 30 minutes when working alone.
I know some small groups in the community used to go around cleaning up every other weekend or so but that hasn’t happend in a while. Has anyone had any success managing the volume of litter/trash in their area or setup a regular community cleanup? If at least 10 people were willing to help, I can’t imagine it would take more than about 15 minutes to clear a block.
Thoughts or interest in doing this around the neighborhood? Let me know.

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This is an issue throughout DC.  My advice to you is to create a community clean up event.  This will get people from the neighborhood involved and hopefully it is a good learning event as well.  Some people just don’t care about this beautiful planet that we live on and take it for granted…

My neigbors and I live in the 400 Block of Irving and do frequent clean ups in the area of the 400 – 600 Blocks of Irving, the 400 Block of Kenyon, the 3100 blocks of Warder and Park.  We have scheduled clean ups on the first Saturday and last Sunday of every month (we just had one this past Saturday). In addition, the Park View condominiums also host a clean up (theirs was this past Sunday) There is a Facebook forum for this community of neighbos and the volunteers who clean up. We also post neighborhood happenings, schedules for clean up and any crime that is happening in our area.  The name of the group is Park View Beautification Crew and I am sure you will find this useful – this is a great group of people. I can add you or can ask to join.  Thanks!

Hi KenyonJB! I live on the 700 block of Harvard, and we have the same problem. A lot of trash gets left on our sidewalks and in our gutters. I would be willing to help with the Kenyon and Irving blocks to get an idea of how to organize a good neighborhhod cleanup. Then I could try to start something on the Harvard, Hobart, Columbia section!

My street (also in Park View — further north, near the CVS) has the same problem with litter.
I’m new to the neighborhood and don’t really know my neighbors–I always say hello to anyone I see on the sidewalk, but I’m kinda shy otherwise.  I’ve been trying to pick up the litter on my block once a week or so.  It’s exhausting to do it all on my own, though, and especially frustrating when I see new litter appear within hours.  (I also don’t know to what extent the litter is from people just passing through, vs. from my neighbors themselves.)

I’ll have to check out the Park View Beautification Crew on Facebook.  Dittle, are there people in the group who live in northern Park View, or is it more centered on the Kenyon/Irving area?

JB – so glad you joined our group!  Welcome. AustinDC – please feel free to join as well. We are all in close proximity so the more the merrier, and you can get some great ideas for organizing one on your block.  My hope is that one day everyone will pick up in front of and behind their property on a regular basis so we can all enjoy the community (wishful thinking I know).  It is great to have neighbors around who care and are willing to help!

textdoc – right now it is centered primarily in the 400 – 600 blocks of Kenyon and Irving. If you have some neighbors on your street who are willing to help, you can start an e-mail chain like we did.  Join us if you would like to get some ideas.  When we got enough people to come out regular basis, it moved to FB.  So far so good.  Not everyone always makes it (which is expected), but the point is to keep it on the radar screen so we can keep it going. 

Textdoc – come and meet us!  We can help you get started. 🙂

KenyonJB – so sorry to get back to you so late about this. Yes  – that is the hope that people will eventually start to change their own behavior.  It is really frustrating and we have not noticed too much change in other people’s attitudes (for instance one of my next door neighbors never picks up crap off of his property).  But we have also met many people who are so happy to see somebody doing something about the trash.  It takes time…

austindc – the only other thing we can do is get you on our e-mail list.  I don’t want to publicize my personal e-mail on this forum, so if I send PoP an e-mail, maybe he can just forward mine to you. I guess that means you would have to e-mail him too?  I will send him a note now and ask him to expect one from you and we can work from there.

I joined the Facebook group last night.
For anyone else who’s interested, the direct URL for the group is .  It’s a closed group, so you have to click on “Request to Join.”

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