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Home and Garden March 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Topsoil recommendations?

We are building raised beds in our front yard and will need about 60 cubic feet of topsoil. Does anyone have any recommendations about places to either get it ourselves or have it delivered? 

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Just grab some from the construction site at the 11th street underpass near Navy Yard – they are trucking it away.

You can get some compost from DPW/Fort Totten Sat. 8-3.  The current mix is very soil-like in composition, with small twigs mixed in.  You could definitely get at least a few yards there.  I’m no soil genius, but I would mix the stuff with some peat, perlite and potting soil, along with some wormy home-compost and go with that. If you aren’t trying to grow edibles, I would till in the mucky clay you probably have in your front yard, and that should be pretty decent.

Behnke’s in Beltsville probably delivers, and you can definitely drive your truck out there and buy a load of dirt. They’re usually a bit pricey though. Also check craigslist.

I was at HD in Brentwood this weekend scoping out top soil recommendations and the cheapest I found was $1.29 per 3/4 cu ft. Most of the soil they display prominently is more expensive but I found this stuff tucked away in the corner. I  bought about 15 cu ft for a new raised bed and it’ll do the job once I mix in some composted dirt. 

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I’d steer clear of Home Depot bags of soil. It’s poor quality and not worth any price. Leaf Gro (composted leaves) is a much better alternative – look up leaf gro maryland ( and you’ll see a link to where you can buy it. Bags are readily available in DC, in PG County and Montgomery county there are places that also sell it in buik.

Behnke’s sells Leafgro, and so does Lowe’s. Cheaper at Lowe’s. Leafgro is compost, though, not topsoil – you wouldn’t want to use 100% Leafgro. You could use it to amend the cheap HD soil.

I really like Rel’s in Silver Spring ( A bit of a drive, but the top soil and Leafgro cost a fraction of what they do at any place in DC. 

DC Materials sells and delivers topsoil and Leaf-gro and topsoil/Leaf-gro mixtures:

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