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TMJ Specialist?

I’ve been struggling with TMJ for almost 15 years but recently it’s started to get bad. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a TMJ specialist in the DC metro? I’m looking for one that preferably takes medical insurance. I’ve obviously been to my dentist and have the standard splint but I’m looking for something a bit more.

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I looked in to this for a long time myself, and had both my MD and dentist warn me to be wary of dentists marketing as TMJ specialists as there is no such specialty or board certification. They also noted the treatments have not been scientifically validated and some studies show many of them usually makes things worse.

So…what to do. I ended up doing biweekly acupucture for about 9 months, and it helped. My GP gave me diclofenac for pain but it didnt seem to help. Then I was given Soma and would take it only on nights when I felt a flare coming, so that it would not get bad – that was helpful Night guard every time I slept. I also figured out triggers – if there are barometric preassure changes, I clench more and flare up the TMJ really bad. Now I watch the waether and take anti infamm to prevent it from getting bad. good luck

Elliott Alpher–expensive but knowledgeable and effective.

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