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Auto April 24, 2012 at 6:54 pm

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Does anyone know of a good place to buy tires in DC?

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Action Al’s in NE. They’re not the cheapest place in town, but, in my experience they have great service, get you in and out quickly and sell a good product!

Go to tirerack.com and buy your tires.  They will ship them to a place in DC that will then put them on your rims for you.

There was a long thread and discussion about where to buy tires in DC and the area a few months back. Try searching on PoP for it or asking the prince about it if you can’t find it. I remember there being a lot of useful info from readers. Good luck!

I second Action Al’s. I went there based on internet reviews. I don’t know much about cars or tires and told them what I wanted (not top of the line but willing to pay a little bit more for safety since I have toddlers and since I drive around for work in the ice, rain etc.). They were friendly and gave me a recommendation that I felt good about (checked online later and found out that I got a good deal). I checked my emails in the “waiting area” while they put the tires on my car. A bit of a trek out there (depending on where you live) but I plan on going there again.

i’d recommend Mac’s http://www.yelp.com/biz/macs-tire-service-washington
423 Florida Ave NE

I love Tire Van!  tirevan.com – great phone/online help with selection – then they just come to your house or work and install them!  Excellent customer service.  Not much more expensive – (and actually less expensive when you consider the hours of time you save.)

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