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Home and Garden February 23, 2015 at 11:47 am

Tips on building a roof deck

I’m really interested in building a roof deck on my Trinidad DC rowhouse. I’ve read the related Popville posts (,, but it doesn’t look like there’s been a discussion on this topics in a few years. Does anyone have any advice on good architects, builders, etc.? Any recent cost estimates? Or any other advice or tips? Thanks!

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Our roof deck is built with some distance away from the house. It is at least 1/4 in. per ft. to cover those surface with small sections of wood decking that can be removed so that you can clean off the roof. By the way, may I ask to where are you located?


A deck is a way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors. There are many ways to add a deck to your home and many locations where you can put one, but one of the attractive options, especially if you have a small yard, is a roof deck. Adding a roof deck has some advantages over simply building a second-story deck, but first you must ensure that your roof is able to support the deck. To know for certain that your roof is safe for this project, you must hire a professional, but you can do some inspection and planning yourself.


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