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Real Estate March 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm

tips for prostesting property tax assessment


Anyone have tips for protesting property tax assessments?  Mine went up by $30,000 in a year!  Some of my neighbors are assessed low and others are assessed high. 

If you live in Petworth, how much has your assessment gone up?

If you have successfully protested, please share any tips you have. 

Thank you!

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45k for me


Last year I successfully protested 2 years of over-assessment through both both level 1 and level 2 appeals.  The key?  Do your homework.  The Office of Tax and Revenue makes assessment and payment data available on-line here:
Get the 2013 and 2014 assessments for every property on your block and put them in a spreadsheet that calculates the rates of increase.  If your property has been singled out for an increase that isn’t warranted, you’ve got the basis for a protest.  In my case, my property had been raised a total of $50K over two years when a survey of 20 other comperable properties showed an average *drop* of about $7K.  I took the numbers into the second level appeal and basically just crushed the appeals board with statistics.  They ended up lowering my assessment by $40K.  This year, though, it’s up again, and I doubt I’ll have a case since sale prices in my section of Petworth are up by a lot…well into the $500,000’s.

Reducing your property taxes is relatively simple but requires a modest commitment of time. Your other option is to hire a property tax consultant. About 80% of property tax protests are resolved by agreement between the property owner/property tax consultant and the County Appraisal District appraiser. The second option, which typically occurs if you are not able to reach agreement with the County Appraisal District appraiser, is the ARB hearing. The property owners often receive some property tax relief at the ARB hearing.

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