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Throwing Away a Supercan

I recently had to get a new supercan because the rats ravaged my old one. It has not top and is completely full of holes.
How do I throw the old can away? I tried putting it out with the trash and a sign and that didn’t work. Everytime I try to angle it like trash, someone comes along and dumps a bunch of garbage in it and I’m back to square one.
Any suggestions? Should I try bulk trash?

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1. Put it in the free section on craigslist – someone might want it
2. Take it to fort totten transfer station
3. Cut it up and put it in your new can. 

just ask the trash guys to take it. worked for me.

Call 311 and schedule a bulk trash pickup.

Stick around until the trash guys come and ask them to take it.


It’s not yours to throw away — it belongs to the city and it’s on loan to you.
Call DPW to arrange for a repair of the can.

Thanks everyone. I would wait for the trashmen to get here but I’m never home when they pickup in my ally.
I called 311 to scheudle bulk trash and they “put a note in the system” and told me to put my can upside down next to my trash next week. We will see what happens.


I did the same – called 311 and they told me to put it upsidedown in the alley (after pressuring me to keep it as an extra) and that it would be picked up with the trash.  They didn’t take it on the next trash day (might not have had room), so I also posted a free craigslist ad specifying its location, and it was gone within a few days. 

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