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Other April 10, 2013 at 10:12 am

Thrift Shop Pickup?


Is there any charity/thrift shop/etc that will pick up donations?  I know most will if it’s furniture, but I’ve just got a ton of clothes and household items (yay spring cleaning).  I don’t have a car, so I’ll need someone to pick up all the stuff. Growing up, Amvets would always drop bags off and pick them up full of donations, but I don’t know of anything in the District like that.

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Purple Heart Donations pick up …

AmVets doesn’t pick up in DC? Every few weeks, I get a postcard (from what I thought was AmVets, but maybe it’s Purple Heart) telling me that they’ll be picking up clothing donations on my block (in Hill East) on a certain date, and to contact them if I want to donate.

I just talked to Salvation Army about furniture pick-up today. I was asking about another area, but I’m guessing it’s the same for DC – they will pick up as long as you donate two bags of clothes. Seems like a weird rule (the way it was explained to me, they will not pick up furniture unless you also include 2 bags of clothes), but that’s what they told me. 1-800-SATRUCK

I don’t know about furniture, but Salvation Army will pick up other donations at your house.  You schedule your own pick-up, and can do so online.  I live in Logan Circle and have had them come by a couple of times over the years.

I’ve used this website to see who will pick up and how to arrange it: – pretty useful.
I think Salvation Army is the best option in my Columbia Heights / U Street neighborhood.

Similar to this one, sometimes I am thankful because, most of the time I can get quality type of furniture as this one.

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