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Topic: Threatening a woman then to "smoke my ass"

Public Safety January 29, 2016 at 10:17 am

Threatening a woman then to "smoke my ass"

Last night as I awaited the bus ~9:50PM at 11th and Lamont I noticed a commotion down the block – two young men were verbally and physically harassing a woman with her dog outside of the dog park by yelling and throwing things across the street at her. A gentleman came to her aid and yelled at them to leave and I heard her get on the phone with 911. As this was happening a cop car came by, so I flagged it down and pointed to the situation down the street and said “Hey that woman is calling 991 and needs help”. After acknowledging this the cop car then inexplicably keeps driving in the other direction. This is when one of the young men turns his attention to me (the other has left) and approaches me yelling “hey snitch, hey white bitch” and then “I have a gun and I am going to smoke your ass, snitch” at which point, luckily, the cop car from before has reappeared going the other way and is now behind me in the intersection. The cop jumps out and chases this guy saying “oh you have a gun?” but he makes it over a snow bank, taunts the cop and runs off. The car leaves but the guy circled back and is a block away approaching me yelling curses and taunts, prompting me to run down the street where, thankfully, the bus is showing up. This was a busy time on a busy bar street, and I feel let down that only me and another gentleman tried to help this woman, and that people just stood and smoked cigarettes outside of the bars across the street indifferent to the situation folding out in front of them. I was also confused by the police response of driving away for a few minutes and discouraged by the weak attempt to apprehend the individual, although on the bus I did notice more cops were arriving so unsure how this played out.


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