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Sports and Fitness April 30, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Tennis Courts Near Cleveland Park?

I used to play in high school and college and just recently moved from Adams Morgan to Cleveland Park. I noticed, via Google Maps, that there appear to be three clay tennis courts in Rock Creek Park between Beach and Park RD NW. I uploaded a photo of the area – Czech Embassy is just to the north and west of the courts and Quebec House apartments are just a bit south and west. 
But, I can’t find any information about these courts. I know there a lot of large homes in the area and that the courts may be private but was wondering if anyone knew about these courts and whether they’re part of Rock Creek? It would be incredibly convenient if they are public (not to mention beautiful since they’re surrounded by the woods!)
Does anyone know their status?
And if not, what are the closest (and best) tennis courts?

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They’re closed 99% of the time and don’t dry well.  The guy who takes care of them is one of the instructors at the tennis center by Carter Barron (I think his name is Joel), so go hang out there if you want the inside scoop.  There are courts behind UDC, on 22 or so and N, and by Dumbarton Oaks (but those are in bad shape).  There are very nice but heavily used courts at Rose Park at P and Rock Creek Parkway. 

Have fun.

There are also courts on Quebec and 37th behind Sidwell Friends.

Try this site when searching for courts — you can also do other states/counties —

Thanks so much guys – lots of great options near me but was really curious about the clay courts. Shame they’re never used anymore! What a waste.

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