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Tenant Rights in Regard to Neighbor Construction

I rent the basement of a Capitol Hill rowhouse, and I often work from home. I signed my lease in August 2013, which will run through Sept 30, 2014. In the fall, I learned my next door neighbors are planning to do a complete renovation and adding on 2,000 sq ft in the rear. They will not be able to live there, so they are moving out when construction starts in May or June.

I share a wall with this house, and to this point I can hear anything that happens just outside my doors, and sometimes I hear their toddler running across the house. Clearly, I’m worried about how bad the noise will get when this starts. I’m sure that will not be the only issue, but that’s my main concern at the moment.

Do I have any rights regarding terminating my lease if it gets bad enough? How much inconvenience and noise pollution should I expect to put up with? All of it through the end of my lease?

Further info that could potentially influence things: The house on the other side will go on the market any day now, and it has not been renovated in decades, if ever. Neighbors are speculating that it will also undergo renovation, but there aren’t known plans for this now.

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When I was moving out of my building I asked them to clariy on 30days vs a month & also leavin before my contract is up. What the lady told me was that as a DC tenant I have the right to only give 30 days, no matter if it was before me contract term, WITHOUT penalty. So I gave my notice on Jan. 15 stating I would be out by Feb. 15…..but because I was more than half way through feb. I was still financially responsible for the whole month. So I just left at the end of February, got my full deposit back and NO penalties. If they give you any guff, DC offers free legal assistance for tenants through the LEGAL AID ORG. hope this helps & wasn’t confusing.

Make it your Landlord’s problem, because that is what it is. His lease (that you signed will not hold up, I am certain). Go down to the Landlord tenant Court house (on 4th street), and speak with the free lawyers there advising people about Small Claims…they don’t keep re. hrs tho.

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