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Real Estate July 13, 2012 at 10:37 am

Tenant rights for selling of rental unit

I am renting a unit, and my landlord has just informed me of their intention to put the unit on the market.  I signed a two year lease that extends into mid-2013.  The realtor wants to reach an agreement to decide on the hours that the unit can be viewed.  I know I have the right to “quiet enjoyment” but also want to cooperate.  They would like to be able to show the unit on the evenings and weekends, but that conflicts with when I am present in the unit.  Any advice on negotiating?

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Didn’t somebody post a very similar query a few weeks back?  Can’t remember if it was in the Forum or if PoP shared it as a blog post.

Thank you!  I looked at that posting from a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t address this question specifically. 

You can request that they give you 24 hours advance notice for all showings and limit showings to 30 minutes at a time. I would recommend asking them to use a showing service that will notify you by the method of your choice (phone or email) and allow you to approve or deny each showing. 

Perhaps you can be extra accomodating (say no showings after 7pm M-Thu, no showings after 6 Fri, only 12-4 Sat and 12-4 with 24 hours notice) and then ask for a rent reduction for the good effort?

I believe in DC you have the right to match the accepted offer if you want to buy the place. More possible to do as single unit or house sale as oppose to a large building. 

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