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Temporary parking permit for job seeker?

We have a recent college graduate, the daughter of friends, staying with us here in DC while she searches for a job. She has been given a warning to register her car, but that can’t happen because she has no proof of residency. When I looked into a temporary parking permit, she doesn’t qualify for that either since she has no job, isn’t here on government business, etc. Is there anything we can do?

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Can she find off-street parking somewhere? May have to look into renting a spot nearby.


Have you visited the local MPD station to obtain a temporary visitor parking permit? These are good for 2 weeks and can be renewed once, although I’ve heard that you may be able to renew them twice if you’re lucky. That should take care of parking for a month, at least.
You just need to take the visting car’s registration and your photo ID/proof of residency to a police station and you can acquire a pass in two minutes.

Where is she staying? I can rent my Petworth/Parkview space to her, 2 blocks from the metro.

If I’m reading the DC govt website right, she can get a 6-month permit as a temporary DC resident. In addition to the out-of-state license/registration/insurance all she needs is proof of DC residence. If you own your residence then you can fill out a form that vouches for her residing with you, which I believe should be valid proof of DC residence.

The two week parking pass is pretty easy & renewable – depending on the mood of the officer who does it for you.  Also depending on their mood, you only need the license plate number, not the registration, and your own driver’s license.  But did you get your permanent visitor’s parking permit as was discussed last week or so in PoP?


Yes, register as an out-of-state automobile (ROSA). She shouldn’t be trying to prove she is a DC resident, she should be trying to prove she is not, using her lease or other proof of residency from where she lived before.  Then she can continue to use the visitor pass from the police stations.

Just go to MPD with your license and the car’s registration. I’m in Zone 5 and have family members who are on vacation and asked to leave their car with me for the time being, so even without a visitor actually staying with me, I was able to get a 15 day residential visitor’s parking pass, no problems. I had also called the 5th District station a couple days in advance and had spoken with an officer about this and both he and the officer that actually issued the permit said it was okay, so it seemed like this a known procedure.  It may also be of note that my family left the car in the DCA parking garage (early, early flight) and I picked up the car with a spare set of keys that afternoon, so when I went to the police station, I didn’t even need the “visiting” owner of the car, as long as I still had the registration.
Of course, as soon as I got home with both the car and permit in hand, I received the permanent visitor’s parking permit in my mail. Bah.


250$ for 6 months of parking with reciprocity. Maybe that’s the best deal… DC’s DMV site is confusing, I can’t tell how many documents I need to bring. Getting your tags changed over to DC is even worse. I can’t tell how much I’d have to pay. With the influx of people moving into the city, they really need to simplify this mess. 

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