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Travel and Transportation November 8, 2012 at 11:52 am

temporary no parking

I’ll be moving early next month and will be getting the temporary ‘No Parking’ signs from the city so the moving van has somewhere to park. What recourse do I have if someone parks in those spots despite the signs? That happened the last time I moved and it made things rather difficult. Thanks.

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I believe you would call 311 and ask for parking enforcement to ticket the car.. then when they arrive you can decide whether you want to the car towed as well.

KK is correct.  If you see that cars have parked in your designed spots call 311 ASAP since they might take a while to respond.  They will ticket the cars and offer to have them towed.  This happened to me and the officer came by over an hour later, after we had found another spot for the moving truck. 

thank you!

I used the signs when I moved a few weeks ago. There’s also a number for parking enforcement printed on the sign that you can call if people are in violation. Not suprisingly, there were cars parked in the no parking area. However, I decided not to call to report them. I figured everyone on the block would know that I was the one who had my neighbors’ cars towed and that didn’t seem like the best way to introduce myself to the neighborhood. The movers had to walk about another 20 or 30 feet, but it seemed like they run into this all the time so they didn’t complain. If there hadn’t been space further down the block, I would have called.

Yeah, people around here are brutal when it comes to these signs. You diligently put the signs up and the next day they are completely gone or crumpled in the gutter. You try again and people just ignore them and park there anyway. It can take 3 hrs. for a DC tow truck, but they can at least ticket pretty quckly. It’s a good day when you can actually get a truck parked in front of your house during a stressful time like a move.

Good luck with your move. We moved in August and found 311 to be completely unresponsive to our request for a ticket/tow when someone parked in the spots we reserved for our moving truck. We called 311 several times and no one ever came to ticket or tow the vehicles blocking our reserved spaces.  As a result, our moving truck had to park nearly a half a block away and since movers are paid by the hour it added significantly to our moving bill.

Well – hopefully you’ve developed a good relationship with your neighbors and won’t have any problems loading the truck.  If you do call 311, call a private tow company – they will be ready and waiting to tow the ticketed car, and you won’t have to wait.  I had to do this once when someone parked on my front stoop.

Also, make sure your signs are up at least 72 hours before they become effective.

Yes, they will come ticket – but it might take forever.   Buy some bright plastic construction tape, get old chairs whatever & rope the space off.  Or ask neighbors to park in the spaces and save it.

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