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Temporary No-Parking sign?

How does one go about getting one of those temporary no-parking signs you sometimes see if, for example, there’s going to be a moving truck in front of a building?

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You can do it through the DC’s website here; https://tops.ddot.dc.gov/DDOTPermitSystem/%28S%28ufr5azzgwt1yga45xsx2fg2g%29%29/DDOTPermitOnline/EventType_Info.aspx
Note that you’ll need to go actually pick up the signs at a police station (rather than just taping the receipt for the permit up like one of my neighbors did).

I went to the police substation on V St (I forget if I filled anything out online first) and they have a computer and printer set up for this exact purpose – it was really easy!

How much does it cost to block off space for a few hours?

You’ll need proof of residency when you go to the police station. Either your drivers licence, electrical bill or a current lease (if you’re just moving in). They also need to be posted 72 hrs. in advance. They won’t give them to you with any shorter notice. Parking signs are free. They will give you two, maybe three if you ask nicely, though the officers clearly hate the task of filling out those signs.

Unless it’s a heavily frequented area, I would just let the truck pull up, and not deal with the local gov.

When I got these signs for my moving truck in October 2011, it was $50 or $55.  (I think it used to be free, but no longer.)

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