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Home and Garden January 28, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Tankless Water Heater

Hi Everyone – I am thinking about switching to a tankless water heater and I am looking for advice, red flags, and contractor/plumber recommendations to talk to. Here is the story: Our water heater is old and will need to be replaced soon. We currently don’t always have enough hot water going to our upstairs bathroom for 2 of us to take decent length hot showers. I have never taken a bath in this house because I am confident I couldn’t fill the tub with hot water. I just want enough hot water to take a nice, long, hot bath and on other days get a few of us through hot showers in the mornings. Finally, our water heater is located *behind* our washer/dryer. I have a hope that if we go tankless, I can recoup a little space back there. I know we’ll need to deal with our gas line, but thats all I know. Any advice? A solution other than tankless that would get me a hot bath in a deep tub? Our current water heater is about 80 gallons I believe but its not easy to check. And currently there are only 2 of us.

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Suggest looking on Angies List for contractor/plumber reviews. Recommend only a licensed plumber with experience with tankless water heater. Do research on the brand and the warranty.

The tankless water heaters for exterior use should only be used outside. The tankless water heaters for indoors should only be used inside.

Inside installation also means that one or two vent pipes must be installed, depending on the model.

I’m kind of surprised that an 80 gallon traditional doesn’t fill the tub.?

Tankless is more expensive to install and the first time purchase. They shine in limited space, continuous hot water and energy efficiency.
I went with tankless to save floor space. I had a whole boiler room, now the tankless unit and piping is mounted on the wall. Interior unit.
My neighbors have one mounted on the exterior wall. Exterior unit.
My parents have one mounted in their garage. Exterior unit.

Be very careful when choosing a contractor to give you an estimate…a few years back a neighbor went way down the road with getting a tankless and found out (the hard way) that DC Gas had not upgraded the gas lines in the neighborhood. Moran’s is a great company and I am pretty sure they do them…

Many people these days are switching towards tankless heaters just because they are less expensive and of compact size compared to traditional one. While buying such heaters, first thing should be selecting the type of system best for your home. Pelonis is considered as one of the best heater available in market.
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