Taking community college classes at UDC or Montgomery College (…or another local college)?

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Topic: Taking community college classes at UDC or Montgomery College (…or another local college)?

Schools and Education January 11, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Taking community college classes at UDC or Montgomery College (…or another local college)?

I’m thinking about going back to school for a degree in nursing, but need to complete some pre-requisite science courses before I can make any moves. I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it; community college seems to be the best choice but UDC so far has been less than impressive. Montgomery College seems much more organized, at least from their website, but as a DC resident I’m pretty sure I’d pay 2-3x as much as UDC (unless they have a reciprocity agreement, I guess). I’d love to hear from anyone who has taken classes at either of those schools, or recommendations of other places to look. Cost is definitely an issue; as I already have a bachelor’s degree, I’d be a non-degree seeking student, which rules out the possibility of financial aid. Thank you! 

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Also check out UMUC (University of Maryland University College). I chose them over Montgomery College when I needed to knock out some pre-reqs for grad school a few years ago. It was quite affordable, but I was also a MD resident at the time. I did a couple online classes (which worked great for me) but I think they have in-person classes also.

I took 2 math classes at Mont. College and 1 at UDC last year — I was much happier with my classes at Mont. College, although the professors can be hit or miss just like they are at any school.  Mont.College also had fewer extra fees than UDC.


My fiance has been going through this process for several years now. He started at Northern Virginia CC and completed all pre-requsites, only to find that he could NOT get into the RN program (despite a 4.0) due to residency requirements. NVCC accepts NOVA residents first, then VA residents, then out of state residents. The RN program fills up every year, so unless you live in Northern VA, regardless of your grades, you aren’t going to get in. If you aren’t a MD resident, you will likely run into this same problem with MCCC. Thus, while UDC may be a less attractive choice, it is a far less expensive (there is no reciprocity for cost at other schools) and far more realistic option for getting an RN degree if you are a resident in DC. The other thing that we have learned is that all RN programs in the area have different pre-requisite requirements and not all classes will transfer from one to school to another (NVCC’s basic anatomy course won’t transfer anywhere because it does not have enough of a physiology component). 4-year school in the area also have 18 month BSN programs for individuals with prior degrees. Again, however, each school has its own set of pre-reqs. Basically, what we have learned is that, if you want to get your RN, you need to pick a program that you are reasonably certain to get into and do all of your pre-requisites at that school. I have several friends who are nurses in charge of hiring and seldom do people care where you get your RN from, so long as you pass your licensing exam. So, while UDC may seem less organized, their program has been revamped recently and one you get past the pre-requsites and into an actual RN program, they will probably have their act together. Good luck to you!

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