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Taking a Ticket Beyond Appeal

So about 6-12 months ago (I forget how long it’s been now) I received a parking ticket in the mail. The kicker is I don’t own a car and haven’t since December 2011. I called 311 to speak to someone about it and she pulled up the ticket online which clearly showed the officer had written the wrong license plate number on the ticket versus what was shown in the photo of the car. I guess that incorrect plate # linked to me somehow? Not really sure, but somehow it found its way to my address. She said there’s no way I should be responsible because of the obvious photographic error, and transferred me over to someone in charge of ticketing (DPW maybe?), but I just got the voicemail of that woman, and naturally she never returned my message. So I mailed in my appeal stating my pretty simple to resolve case, and a few months later received a notice that my appeal was rejected due to a “preponderance of evidence against me”. Ummm, OK, if anything there’s a “preponderance” the other way, so I sent in my second appeal to “The Board” along with a check which is required to further appeal any ticket, just in case they still disagree with you. At this point I was considering just saying F-this and have them come after me if they really care to, but I wanted to fight this one just on principle alone. Well I noticed today they actually cashed the check a while back and never even sent a followup letter explaining why, after reviewing 2 obvious pieces of information 1) I don’t own a car and 2) wrong license plate number.
So, my question is, does anyone know who to take this to further? It’s only $30, an insignificant amount, but the fact that 1) an officer got it wrong, 2) the person who reviewed my appeal ignored obvious facts, and 3) the entire appeals board ignored obvious facts, really has me quite pissed off. I know if it’s happening to me it’s happening to others too, on much higher ticket fines. This kind of blatant disregard for the citizenry who pays their salaries shouldn’t be tolerated.

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From your story, I wouldn’t be surprised if the city hasn’t decided to start automatically rejecting ticket challenges as a money-maker for itself. I don’t know, but that’s kind of what it sounds like. I suggest you call your city-council person, tell the constituent services person what happened, and that person will take care of it for you. And then get yourself out to the polls and vote for that city-council person at the next election for the fine job he or she is doing cutting through the bullpoppy of city bureaucracy. I don’t know what I’d have done without Jack Evans’ office over the years.

Something similar happened to me, twice. Once for a parking ticket on a car that broke down and was towed to a junk yard two months prior to receiving the ticket. I’ve tried fighting it but they’ve never responded and have now moved the ticket to collections and I’m not willing to have a parking ticket sit on my credit. Second time was a moving violation, I went around an officer who was double parked and he pulled me over. He sat in his vehicle for 30 minutes with my license, registration and proof of insurance. When he came back he had a ticket in hand as well. When I asked what my ticket was for he said “feel free to fight it” and walked back to his vehicle and drove off. The violation was for going through a police barricade. $500 and 2 points on my license. Let me mention that this officer was double parked in front of the V st police station in NW. Soaring you most of the upcoming details I kept fighting the officer asking for proof that I went through a barricade or proof that the one way road I was traveling on was indeed closed. Nothing was shown to me to prove the officer was in the right. I finally got a notice in the mail after they cashed my $500 check for the ticket and the extra $130 for the appeal cost, stating they’re denying my right to a court date as the officer came to the hearing and I was found guilty in the hearing. Enraged I kept trying to contact then and came up empty. The kicker for me was I bought a scooter 8 months after that visit and was denied insurance bc I had a suspended license. This has been my only moving violation so I knew it wasn’t from the 2 points. I called the dmv and they stated my license had been suspended the day of my hearing. I never was notified in person or through the mail. With all the paperwork I had been keeping on this case I quickly went to the dmv to get this resolved. I had to pay the reinstatement fee in order get my license valid though their was ZERO reason for it to be suspended in the first place.

Go to C St for a hearing in person. Last time I was there for a parkmobile that I paid and was ticketed for. Once in the hearing room, it was over in 10 minutes.

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