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Recreation and Sports March 19, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Suggestions for hiking boot repair

My beloved Vasque boots need some serious TLC and I’m hesitant (perhaps wrongly) to take them to a regular cobbler/shoe repair shop. Does anyone have recommendations for where to get hiking boots resoled? Ideally it would be in DC, but I do have a car if there’s a place farther out that’s worth the drive. 

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I have never taken hiking boots in for repair so I can not speak to that type of boot. But I have taken all types of shoes, flats, boots, and heals to Philips shoe repair on Upshur St NW (across from Domku). They do a great job. They are so nice and reasonalble. He has done big and small jobs for me and always fixes things perfectly.


Sent my Sundowners to Dave Page a few years ago, and they came back as good as new.


For hiking boots, it’s worth going to someone who knows hiking boots. I sent a pair of very well-loved hiking boots to a cobbler in Seattle who specializes in hiking boots to have them resoled, and have been hiking on them happily for the past couple of years. Try  The price was fair (can’t remember exactly, on the order of $50 – certainly a lot less than a new pair of boots), turn around time was a couple-few weeks (even with mailing them back and forth). He’s a curmudgeon so don’t expect warm and fuzzy when you call.
He’s an authorized resoler for all the big hiking boot makers. You can read more about him at He also did forensic analysis of the boots being worn by Mallory when he died on Everest!

Nope 🙁 , I usually buy cheaper one which I just replace when they are worn out and or broken 😛

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