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Suggestions for a second job?

I love my public sector job and am hoping/expecting it to become a lot more financially sustainable in the next year or so, after the election.  In the meantime, I am cutting corners everywhere I can but am blowing through my savings and don’t know if I’ll make it that long.  Does anyone know of restaurants that are hiring – babysitting services that pay well – odd jobs that need doing, in the 12-15 hours/week range?  I’m well qualified to do most of the part-time jobs that I can think of, but would rather not be working minimum wage, either, and don’t know how easy night/weekend jobs are to come by in this economy.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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How much are you looking to make? I’ve worked retail in the past in this area and the jobs that you may think are minimum wage typically aren’t, especially if you have any experience. (As an example, I made $13/hour at my last retail job.) Most retail jobs will pay $10-$15/hour-still not a large sum, but more than minimum wage.
I have several friends who have found siiters through, so that might be an option if you are looking to babysit.

Definitely talk to your colleagues about babysitting/housesitting/ and pet sitting. A lot of the older staffers I’m sure have kids they are looking for responsible young adults to look after so they can go on a “date night” and especially as campaign season has arrived, there might be a lot more house sitting opportunities.
It’s a lot more flexible, you get paid under the table, and you tend to make more than you would at a soul-sucking retail job.
That said, few retail jobs would allow you to work one or two shifts a week. If you do decide to serve/retail, I say go for one where you’re not likely to spend any money – when I worked retail, I spent my entire paycheck back at the store because of my discount! (I worked at Anthropologie, my god, do I miss that discount!)

Babysit! Post on SitterCity, advertise on local listserves, offer your services to co-workers/family friends/friends of friends. I am in a similar situation and babysitting has been a lifesaver for my cash flow

My second job was at a hair salon – best job ever.  I was a shampoo assistant.  I made a ton of money, though I worked my butt off every Saturday from 9AM-7:30PM by the time I got home with basically no break.  I would make $100+ every Saturday plus my paycheck.  It left me dead (i.e. one day to run errands/laundry/etc), but for the months I did it (9 I think), it was ok to be tired because I saved up a lot (too tired to go out and spend money!)

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