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Success of yard sales

Has anyone had a successful yard sale? And how would you recommend I promote the event?
I’m in Petworth, just a block off of Georgia Ave. I’m downsizing from a group house to a 650 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend so I have a ton of furniture, jewelry, shoes, handbags, clothes, books, etc. to get rid of. 

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We had a successful yard sale back when Columbia Heights had a neighborhood-wide yard sale. It was awesome–so many people had yard sales, and that attracted a lot of people to just walk up and down streets. So if you have a neighborhood group, maybe see if any of your neighbors want to join forces. At the very least, you all can check out each other’s sales. Also, I suggest starting early. Some of these professional yard sale types were buying stuff from me when I was still setting up at 7:00 am. Display stuff so that people can see it from the street too–some people seem to be shy about walking up onto someone’s lawn right at first. Finally, make it fun! Have fun signs to direct people, play some music, and hang out with a beer or something.
Also, advertise in the forum here on PoP!

I think the key is good advertisment. Make sure you make big, clear, bright signs. Put them up a week before, then add some ballons the day off. Post to the forum here, craig’s list, curbalert, your neighborhood list serve, etc. You could even stick an ad in the local print papers if you want. Be clear about the date/time, location, and what you’re selling.

I knew a guy in Dupont who put up a sign that said”bad breakup- need to clean house” or something like that – he sold everything

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