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Home and Garden March 30, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Stolen Shrubs in Petworth

Its seems someone stole four of the shrubs in front of my house last night.  They were nothing special, but seriously, who does that? The shrub theifs would have had to have a shovel or something substantial to dig with and it would taken a good while to do the job. Has anyone else had this problem?  It seems a little silly to bother the police with this, but will it be the trees next time?

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Call the cops. It’s worth it to have it on the record.

How awful! Totally call the cops.
If you’re looking for replacements, this weekend Lowe’s had small shrubs like azaleas and euonymous for $2.88. This was at the Lowe’s in Laurel.

Hah! Happened to us once a few years ago. What stings more is the stolen time spent trying to grow those shrubs into a nice hedge. So when we replanted, we dug a hole, poured a block of concrete with a length of rebar going into the concrete and running along the base of the hedges, with hose clamps around each plant and the rebar.
Now, if some a-hole wants to steal them, they need to have not sold their screwdriver for drug money and have the patience to unscrew each one.

you should direct them to my house. i have some that i want to remove! 

Well its not about only trees next time, it could be about stealing something from your home. I suggest always have security measures such as proper fensing if possible or having a doggy or somthing advanced like CC tv cameras.

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