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Announcements February 22, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Stolen car

My car was stolen this morning. Other than reporting it to the police and the insurance company, is there anything else I can do to be proactive about the recovery? Is there some place I can blast this so the whole city sees it? It is a 2006 BMW 325i – dark blue with DC tags DY1567.

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One suggestion from a previous discussion about stolen vehicles: there’s a place on the DC gov’t website (I believe) where you can check for parking tickets and traffic violations using your tag number. There seem to be cases where a stolen car is parked or abandoned and receives parking tickets. The databases aren’t connected so you might figure it out before the cops do.

Thanks for your help though. I’m trying to think of all possible avenues. I’m checking DC and Maryland parking tickets. 

Did you consider seeing if it was “moved” to a different street within the same area. Sometimes DC towing will move vehicles if access is needed / if they have to block off a street. Most likely this was not the case with your vehicle, but it may be worth taking 15 minutes to walk around the neighborhood.

There are several stories of this car being used in a robbery!

Thank you! I found this story as well and I’m following up with the police. I hope to report back good news here. This forum/site has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you again!! 

I am happy to report that my car was recovered — and in really good condition! I’d like to thank you all for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comforting words and for keeping your eyes on the streets for it. I believe it was helpful in the recovery. It was a frustrating experience but today I am eternally grateful.

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