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Public Safety April 24, 2013 at 10:42 am

Stolen Bike – White SE Lager

My bike was stolen from my front porch on Tuesday morning.
-It’s a white single speed with a silver / white checkered seat, and a silver / white checkered pad around the top tube.
-It has bullhorn handlebars with the brakes on the ends of the bars, and some worn / peeling dark gray handlebar tape.
-The pedals are steel eggbeater style with small platforms.
-It has an old gray metal rack on the back that’s tilted backwards somewhat.
The thief appears to be a short latino.
Stupidly, I left the lock on the bike, but not locked to the railing that day.

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Will keep an eye out. Seems like it will stand out. What neighborhood?

Thanks! Pleasant Plains / eastern part of Columbia Heights (not trying to get into a neighborhood name war).
I’m at Georgia Ave and Gresham Pl NW, and I think the guy may have come from and gone back toward Sherman Ave

What an asshat! I’m also a neighbor (Harvard and Georgia) and will definitely keep an eye out as well!! Sorry this happened to you!

Thanks neighbors!

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