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Public Safety June 18, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Stolen bike seen – Black Tommaso

I saw an OBVIOUSLY stolen bike locked up near the Columbia Heights Potbelly. I’m not sure of the exact model of Tommaso, but the frame was black, had ultegra components, and aerobars with badly worn pads. The reason I knew it was stolen was because:
1) Nobody who paid that much for a bike would ever leave it outside in DC.
2) The frame was the only part of the bike locked up. The wheels could have easily been stolen… I forget the brand, but they were at least a $600 pair of wheels.
3) The idiot who was using the bike put platform pedals on the bike (this was the biggest giveaway).
After spotting the bike, I notified a police officer on the corner, just as a guy in a blue hoodie got on the bike and started heading north. The cop acted like she was going to pull him over, but then turned away and drove off. I’m not sure if she radioed it in, pulled him over later, or just drove away without giving a shit. Either way, if you had a bike like this stolen, check with the police. If they do not have it, you should tell them that your stolen bike has been spotted in CH. 


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