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Travel and Transportation July 24, 2012 at 9:26 am

Steal my bike back?

Dear PoPville, 
My housemate’s (locked) bike was stolen from our Mt Pleasant front porch Sunday night/Monday morning. While my bike was, fortunately, not stolen, the U-lock was tampered with such that it cannot be opened. How do I go about “stealing” my bike back? It’s locked to my porch right now and based on the recent theft in the vicinity I’d like to bring it inside in case the thief comes back for another try…
-You didn’t take my bike but you still made me sad

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bolt cutters, hack saw, car jack, oxyacetylene torch (in that order)
I’d put the car jack earlier in the list, but you risk damaging the frame.

angle grinder – I tihnk you can rent one from home depot on rhode island ave.

Old School hardware rents some tools at a very reasonable rate, but I dunno if they would rent bolt cutters or an angle grinder. Depending how the bike is locked, a car jack apparently works great.

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