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Real Estate April 6, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Status of Tivoli Gardens

I’m looking at possibly moving into Tivoli Gardens on Ogden, and I’m curious if anyone knows the status of the rumored bedbug problem there. There were several posting on yelp last year about this, but nothing since then, and the leasing agent told me they’ve recently passed their city inspection. Any light or information would be greatly appreciated!

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I’d like to know as well! I was also interested in this building but was freaked out by all the bedbug posts online.

I called on Saturday, and the leasing agent told me about their biweekly pest control services. They also provide pest services if particuarly needed, and they have the problem under control (if you’ll look, the last postings about bed bugs were early last year). I was reassured, and took the apartment this morning.

Sorry to pee in your Cheerios but, bad move. I lived in the Otis building a few years back and was driven out by the MASSIVE bedbug problem. It seems unlikely that they have eradicated the bugs based on the extent of the problem (bed bugs crawling on the wall at 10:00pm) and the unwillingness to address the overcrowding that many units have (look for hammocks as you pass by open apartment doors.) For your sanity, I really do hope the problem has improved or you’re in for one long, itchy, bloody, welt-y year, my friend.

I don’t have personal experience with that building, but a good friend of mine moved in and then moved out 72 hours later. She didn’t have a bedbug problem but she said her unit was infested with roaches. Like, so infested that she would turn out the lights to go to sleep at night and she’s hear them crawling across the floor.

I decided to get some first-hand info, so I went by there last night and asked people who lived there what they thought about it and if they had any issues (hopefully I didn’t come across as creepy). I talked to several people, and none of them mentioned pests as a problem. One guy said that he read the same bed bug posts before he moved in, but his unit was completely renovated before he moved in and he’s found the management company to be really responsive to complaints. Personally, I was reassured that it’s changed for the better.

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