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Home and Garden August 23, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Stackable Washer/Dryer

Our washing machine pooped out last week. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good front load, stackable washer/dryer?

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Do you have any space limitations (like needing to fit it into a closet x inches wide)?
If you’re looking for something standard-size, I bought (about a year and a half ago) an LG model # WM2101HW washing machine  and an LG model DLE2101W dryer.  They’re stackable, but I don’t have them stacked because I didn’t really need for space reasons.  (They were replacing a washer and dryer in a basement laundry area.)
Incidentally… I’d always thought that Maytag was supposed to be a reliable brand, but discovered from the Consumer Reports brand repair history that actually it’s not.  I guess that advertising must have caught me at a young and gullible age!

I have a Frigidaire stack in a closet.  I’m sure the models I bought are no longer made – I bought about ten years ago – but they were well rated at the time and I’ve been happy with them.  (Frigidaire products are actually Electrolux; front-loaders are pretty common in Europe.)

I recently purchased the following and love them. The clothes wash really well and the dryer takes only a few minutes to dry. 
MHWE201YW (Washer)
MEDE201YW (Dryer)

I got an awesome deal from ABW Appliance that I didn’t find anywhere else. At the time, I think they were on special. If you want more information, I can give you my sales rep’s contact information.


I just bought stackable Kenmore Elite washer and dryer. Only been using for a short time but so far I’m liking them. However, I can’t ever recommend Sears. It took them 4 tries to get the things installed over a period of 3 weeks (granted, they were installed in a closet and that’s not the easiest thing to do, but you think they would have anticipated that upfront and told me I needed longer hoses and cord, etc.). It was also a comedy of errors with the stacking kit, which the first 2 crews that showed up to install said I didn’t have (or had the wrong one) only to discover with crew #3 that the kit was there all along. Bottom line: I will never, ever shop at Sears again. They sales guys at the Tenleytown location are nice but Sears has outsourced their delivery to another company, so all they could do was put me into a Byzantine bureaucratic nightmare known as Sears Customer Service. It’s a shame that what was once a good company has fallen so far. They are trying to race Walmart to the bottom but are going to lose. You’d think someone with half a brain over there would realize that. I predict they will be wiped off the retail map within 5 years. 

I bought LG’s for my townhouse (now a rental) about 5 years ago – I went by consumer reports at the time. Have never had an issue with them – purchased when Home Depot was having a super sale. The LG’s in our current house are front loaders but are not stackable (they are almost as tall as I am – I think the prior owners were giants!).  

If you need smaller, apartment or closet-sized ones, go for the Bosch AXXIS models. I have had a set for almost 10 years and still love them. They’re expensive, but clothes come out super clean and they are very quiet and low-energy-consumption.

Also, DAD’s appliances in Maryland has the best prices in town, but you have to do your own installation.

I have to agree with drk5 regarding the Sears stackables.  My Sears stackables came with the new house I purchased.  Within 4 years the washer broke down.  When the repairman came to fix it, I asked what was wrong with it.  He said “you used it too much.”  I asked him, “isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with a washing machine”!!??  He said they have a lot of plastic parts in them that break easily.   Anyway, we purchased another of the same model and with 3 years it broke down as well.  After that, we learned our lesson and purchased an LG washer.  But we kept our Sears dryer by building a shelf for it with parts of the old metal stacking unit.  The dryer is still going strong 15 years later – but will never buy another Kenmore anything.

If you haven’t had a high-efficiency stackable set in the space before, and it isn’t in the basement, just be sure your floor support is right.  Mine (Whirlpool duet) came with the house and has been doing well for at least 8 years, but it does vibrate the entire house on spin cycle.  Vibrate as in knocking ceiling light fixtures off on the floors below.   My sister has the same machines, doing 5-6 loads a day for 3 years now. 

LG is great. And, like Victoria wrote, if you’re going to put them upstairs, either get the right support, or get the ones specifically made for upper floors so they don’t shake the whole house. And absolutely avoid Sears.

OP here. Thanks everyone for weighing in.  We made the trip to HH Greggs this weekend and decided on and LG: WM2650HRA. I’ll have to provide an update in 6 months with our review…

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