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Announcements April 1, 2015 at 8:12 pm

Speaker Wires in My Walls

Quick and Dirty:

I have a TV on one wall, a receiver on another, and want to put surround sound speakers on the TV wall and a third wall. I want to bury the wires inside the walls so they aren’t visible. I am absolutely not handy. Do I need an electrician, a drywall expert, something else? And any recommendations on contractors?

A little more detail:

The TV is on the northern wall. The north wall is connected to the neighbors, but where the TV is has been built out a few inches. The wall came pre-wired with an HDMI in and out. The built out wall has vertical studs. I want three speakers on this wall (above and to the sides of the TV).

The eastern wall has the receiver on it and is outside facing. All the speakers will connect to the receiver.

The southern wall is also outside facing. I want to put two speakers on this wall.

I also own the floor above, if going through the ceiling is easier…

Thoughts? Thanks!


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