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Home and Garden March 7, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Spa shower versus bathtub in a small townhouse

Conventional wisdom says that replacing a bathtub with a shower reduces the value of your home, but what if you live in a small, old townhome? I can’t imagine anyone living here with kids, and personally I’d prefer a huge walk-in shower with new tiles and fixtures over the current gross plastic tub. But this is the only bathroom in the house, and I’d hate to spend a lot of money on something that would decrease the value of my home. Thoughts?

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We put a large spa shower in our master bath in our petworth rowhouse and couldn’t be happier with the decision.  That said, we have a second bathroom with a tub for kidlets.  It’s a tough call.  Have you considered shifting some walls so maybe you could fit both?  Might be better bang for your buck…

How long are you planning on living in the house? If you’re excited about having a new shower for the next few years then perhaps it’s worth any small potential decrease in value or limitation in it’s attractiveness to future buyers.

I had the same issue with my rowhouse. I was told that people with Kids and dogs would want a tub but I didn’t use it much. However, I got married so luckily I stuck with a tub and my wife loves it. I did get a new tub though and hate those vinyl ones.


You should get whatever would make the home most comfortable for you unless you are planning to sell very soon. Sure, people with kids would probably prefer a tub, but people with kids would already be wary of a townhouse with only one bathroom even if it did have a tub.

Thanks, I’m getting tempted! I would put in an adjustable shower head option anyways, so I could wash my own dog. Moving walls would be a good idea, but the house is soo tiny, there’s no where to go.

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