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Announcements September 8, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Smash and Grab in Eckington

Recent smash and grab incident on Randolph Street NE in the Eckington area.

Someone smashed my car window and stole my girlfriends travel bag. On the lookout for a shiny pink Tumi bag with items in it, please report back if you see it dumped somewhere or have information. Cash reward for return.

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There was a certain spike in thefts this weekend in the Eckington neighborhood. I really hope your items are all returned or at the least your girlfriend gets her bag back. My bike was stolen from my backyard, they cut through a cable but it may still have the ulock locked to it if they haven’t managed to cut it off yet. It’s a Burgundy/Tan Trek 7100 Multitrack Hybrid with front and rear LED lights (if they haven’t been removed already) and a padded seat.

Not trying to hijack your post here but I have a strange feeling that many of the stolen items from Eckington this weekend were by the same person.

Certainly make a police report about it if you haven’t already.

BTW, our local friend found the bag and all the contents in an alley a block away.

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