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Small space design – kitchen remodel


We are looking to remodel our tiny galley kitchen and want someone to come in, look at the space and tell us the best way to utilize it. We’re probably going to go with IKEA cabinets and drawers, but keep our old appliances and tile floor.

Has anyone worked with a designer that specializes in small spaces, or have any recommendations?


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This info isn’t specific to small spaces, but here are some threads/names I collated a few months back and posted in the thread .
(I ended up using — and would recommend — Devin Ocampo (Ancora Contracting), 202-841-5268.)
Contractors/equipment sources/etc. recommended in the above threads:
Panda Kitchen –
Residential Renovators – Bob Nunes – 202-249-2662 –
Countertop Guru – Ask for Winkhel the owner –
ZD of Zee Dee Touch – – +1 (202) 656-2474
Cabinet Discounters – Gaithersburg –
Jim Morris ([email protected]; (703) 928-4164)
James Broady of Realty Adventures – (202) 276-2050 – [email protected] <– “I believe there is an older blog called ‘DC Rowhouse’ — the owners give a referral for the contractors they used to assemble and install their cabinets. You may try to search for that.”
Cabinets to Go – Linn Tarry 240-387-6779 – College Park, MD –
Reico Kitchen & Bath –
Pelican Kitchen & Bath – – 301.493.8908
Angel Tuesta of Wall to Wall Construction – – (202) 271-0726
Impact Construction & Consulting –
for drawer and cabinet pulls – eBay, e.g. eBay seller “The-Celeste-Designs”
Zeljko Damjankovic (Zee Dee Touch-

Thank you so much! I had seen those other threads, but they were slightly not what I was looking for. I’ll check out all those other websites!

I used the ikea designer and was really pleased with his design for our small CH kitchen. Incredibly easy and cost effective. I had someone else install the kitchen, and I love it. Definitely donn’t but the Ikea appliances – biggest mistake I ever made.

Updating your kitchen is one of the best renovations to improve your home value. I think everybody values the kitchen space. It’s one of the most highly regarded items when someone’s looking at a house to buy.

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