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Real Estate November 10, 2015 at 10:14 am

Small contractor to install back door?

Hi everyone,

We are looking for someone to help with a small project. We are looking to move the back door in our kitchen and turn it into a double french door. Having problems finding someone because this is a small project, and not an entire kitchen renovation. It would be great to find someone reputable who can do good work and handle the associated permit process.

Any good recommendations for contractors that do small jobs?


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Danielle, is this a door that leads to the outside? Will some structure of the house have to be removed?

Yes, is is the back door. We want to remove the door and window, and install and french door in the center, so I imagine that brick will need to be taken down and put back up. There is some electrical work as there are outlets on either side of the wall.

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