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Real Estate February 8, 2013 at 3:20 am

Small apartment building near 11th and Kenyon?

Does anyone know of that small apartment building near 11th and Kenyon (or maybe a block up from that – before you hit 11th, on the left hand side if you are headed west toward 14th)? It has a small white and black tiled lobby with chandelier, mailboxes, and stairs. It has a bit of a ’20s art nouveau vibe. There’s no doorman or front desk, and I want to look into moving in, but I can’t figure out what it’s called or how to contact management. Any leads would be great! Thank you!

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I’m kind of confused as to what building you’re describing. Kenyon between 11th and 13th is rowhouses on the north side and Harriet Tubman Elementary on the south. the 1000 block of Kenyon is also rowhouses. There are two smaller apartment buildings on Kenyon near 14th, 1372 and 1349. 1349 advertises on this site and a quick search makes it appear that 1372 is Section 8 or another type of subsidized housing. Hope this helps.


I’ve walked by this place (I think the one you are talking about) but I’m pretty sure it’s not on Kenyon.  It’s a few blocks north, either Park or Monroe probably.  The outside of the building doesn’t look like much, but when it’s nice out they keep the doors open and you can see the black and white checker tile and large staircase and chandelier.  Very cool looking space on the inside.  Wish I could remember exactly which block its on for you, I just know I’ve pasted it a few times on nice days while extending my pups usual walking route. 

Are you talking about the building at 11th and Monroe, the building where the Coupe restaurant is? The main entrance to the building is on Monroe while the entrance to the Coupe is on 11th. If so, it’s condos, not apartments, so you’d have to buy or rent from an owner (if that’s permitted) rather than rent from a management company.

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