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Small acts of kindness?

I’d be curious to hear what people thing about starting a regular thread that documents small acts of kindness around the city….here’s an example from a couple of things that I recently saw:
The other day I went for a long bike ride throughout the city.  While biking, I saw many small acts of kindness–a couple of them stood out to me.  On 14th street I stoped to admire the stained glass windows on an old church. There was a woman sitting on the church steps covered in blankets asking for money.  Most people passed by, ignoring her.  Then, out of nowhere, a man walks up with a styrofoam container and says to the woman, “would you like a piece of cake? I just bought this.”  A huge smile covered her face as she accepted the cake.  Once the man gave her the cake, he walked off. Also, on 9th street, by the Verizon center, I noticed that a man had fallen out of his electronic wheelchair while trying to get over a curb and cross the street.  Two women stopped and were trying to help him up.  One was on the phone calling for assistance.

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Hear, hear….I’m all for it. I just gave our parking lot attendant some brownies and a huge cookie for being so friendly every weekend!
I’ve been so blessed by others’ kindness that I like to pay it forward….what comes around goes around!  The more the better..goodness knows we ALL need it (:

The man in a crowded metro station who offered his elbow to a blind man who was clearly having difficulty getting to the turnstile.

I saw this thread and I just had to post.  Last weekend I was running some errands around town.  I saw a little ways ahead something on the ground that looked like a PDA on the ground.  Then the only other person in the area picked it up.  I kept walking and saw that item on the ground was a wallet.  I didn’t think anything more about it and went about my shopping.  About 15 minutes later I was walking out of a store and saw the man who had picked up the wallet handing it to another man.  The man who was receiving the wallet pulled a few dollar bills out of the wallet and offered them to the first man.  The first man refused and the man with the wallet thanked the first man repeatedly.  Then the 2 men walked off in different directions.
I am pretty sure that the man who picked up the wallet got a hold of the owner and returned it to its rightful owner, with the cash still in it!

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