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Home and Garden September 4, 2013 at 3:26 pm

Simple cable wiring

I recently bought an apartment in DC. The cable wire within my walls went bad somehow and I need to get a new one run. I don’t want to use the current wiring because it’s in a poor location and runs through many walls. The building line outside my door works just fine. I just need to push it through the wall above my door, down, and out the other side. Can I do this myself or do I need a contractor to come in? I don’t have experience doing anything like this. I got a quote for $440 by an electrician (no patching or painting) which seems a bit much for such a simple job. Any recommendations?

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This probably violates some permitting requirements or law, but … I’d totally DIY. I did. It’s only as hard as the route you want to follow and the walls you have to go through. And do it right, too — put in a junction box at the end instead of having wires coming out of the law. The job I did was infinitely better than what our cable company had done previously.

If you’re terminating cables, make sure to buy the coax cutter / stripper tool. < $5 at radio shack and worth it.

Only twist is that going through walls can be hard. I had to buy a cable pull tool for the harder runs. But you can also sometimes pull out the existing cable with the new one tied to it. Might be helpful.


You can totally DIY this and permits are not needed.

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