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Travel and Transportation January 11, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Should I have reported this cab driver?

Tonight I flagged down a cab headed West on M St, got inside, and told him my address in Dupont. Hearing the address, he then told me that he would not take me because he was headed to Virginia and had assumed that I was headed the same way because of the side of the street that I was on.
Disgruntled, I exited the cab and caught another, but I was half-tempted to put up a fight. My understanding is that once a passenger gets inside a D.C. cab, the driver is required by law to take me wherever I request. Is this true? (I am positive it was a D.C. cabbie). 
Looking back, I realize I should have asked for his name and ID number so I could report him — assuming my understanding of the law is correct. 

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 You are correct. However, if you’d asked for his name and ID, he would not have told you and would have put his ID out of view and reach. I’ve had that happen before. I never say where I’m going until I’m in the cab with the door closed.

Yeah, I would have made him take me. I would literally sit there and cite the law, and tell him he is going to take me and I would like to go know. Have done this before, and not heading to Dupont, heading to Petworth 🙂
Once they realize you aren’t getting out, they will take you. If they continue causing problems, call the DC Taxi commissioner from the cab, that should get him going. If all else fails, then yes, report him of course.

I have this saved in my phone –
Is there a circumstance when a driver can refuse to take on a passenger?
    It is against the law to refuse a person based on race, disability or destination in the District of Columbia. A taxicab driver is required to drive a passenger to any destination in the District of Columbia. However, if the driver has been operating the taxicab for more than twelve (12) hours of any continuous twenty-four (24) hour period, or the vehicle is on-call or off-duty for mechanical or other reasons, then he/she may refuse to take on a passenger. (See rule 820).  The driver, however, is required to display the “on-call” or “off-duty” or “out-of-service” signs indicating that the vehicle is out of service and must have the cruising light turned off indicating that the taxicab is not for hire. (See rule 605.6)

Had a driver try to refuse to take me to Petworth at about 7 pm. I said I wasn’t geting out and he was required to take me. He started spewing some concept that he would call the cops because I was holding him hostage by not getting out of the car. We were at a standoff…. Finally he said something about not knowing how to get there and I let him know that I could provide di,rections. He started driving then but proceeded txo yell at me the whole way home about some gay guy who threatened to sue him if he didnt take him home. Miserable ridiculous trip home that night and it really made me hate taxi drivers in DC.

There was also the arabic guy who started exclaiming his amazement that “white people are walking around” in Petworth one evening. Sheesh.

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