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Public Safety September 19, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Shooting at 13th and Mass NW?

I hopped out of a taxi last night (around maybe midnight) at 13th and Mass NW, and saw a man shining a flashlight under some bushes in front of the Cambridge apartment building at that intersection.  I asked him what he was looking for (thinking maybe he lost his phone) and he replied “a gun.”  I then saw that he was a plainclothes officer, and that there were police personnel and vehicles all over the place.  Wondering if anyone knows what happened – I live right there.

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Yes–I heard three gunshots (in rapid succession) on Tuesday night just before midnight. I live nearby. They were unmistakeably gunshots. 

Ugh, that’s too bad… I live around the corner and walk through this intersection everyday on the way to work. I guess I’ll keep my eye out for a gun in the bushes.

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