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Public Safety June 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Sherman Circle safety

We are a young family thinking of moving to Sherman Circle area and would like to ask the current residents about overall safety.  What are some of the family friendly features of this area?  Whats the cut off time to walk around in the evenings? 

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Where do you currently live? It helps to have a baseline when making comparisons.

Generally speaking, I see lots of parents with kids out and about near the vicinity of Sherman Circle. I also see a fair amount of dog walkers and general pedestrians until 9 or 10pm I’d say. After that there’s not a ton of pedestrian traffic, but then again it’s a residential area and not a lot to walk to at that time of night; so I can’t say it has anything to do with safety or perception of safety. I’d be interested in others’ thoughts on this too.
Also, my understanding is that lights will soon be installed in Sherman Circle so the circle itself will be better lit at night. That should help with safety, or at least the perception of safety.

I live two blocks straight north of Sherman Circle. The circle has turned into quite the meeting place for families with kids and families with dogs (my wife and I!) The city has recently installed lights from the outside of the circle, pointing in, which illuminate the whole circle. The actual circle is run by the NPS (sigh) and they won’t do anything, so the best we can do is get lights outside pointing in.
There are definitely a lot of young families in the area, and even in the year and a half my wife have lived here, I have seen more and more families. I really love the area. I would definitely say drive around at night and stuff, and see how you feel. I feel quite safe here, however when my wife and I come home late at night, we do take cabs.

They are in fact installing lights in the circle. I would feel comfortable walking there until probably 8 in the summer, while it’s still light out. I do walk home in the evening, but I walk up New Hampshire/Illinois. I think it’s safer than Georgia/Kansas Ave.

My wife and I live right near Sherman Circle as well.  We don’t have a family yet, but are expecting in Dec!  Between EL Haynes playground, the Petworth playground, Library, Upshur Park and Pool, etc. – it seems there are a ton of great family friendly activities and we are looking forward to raising a family in our hood.  The EL Haynes playground is open to the public on the weekends and evenings and the weekdays.  The Petworth Parents Yahoo group is a great reference and very active – so I’d recommend that you join that.  We do walk our dog in and around the circle often and feel fine doing so.   Everybody on our block is extremely nice and we feel very safe and have not had any issues at all.  The people who you see walking around the neighorhood are the people who live in the neighborhood. 

Moved to Sherman Circle in December, and I love it, love it, love it.  It’s a beautiful area, lots of families (we’ll raise ours here in a few years) and the neighbors are wonderful.  I do feel safe walking home from the metro up Georgia and Kansas, but everybody’s got their own level where they feel safe.  Welcome to the neighborhood!

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