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Public Safety September 28, 2015 at 12:55 pm

Shady Uber driver behavior

Requested UberX to take guests to Dulles Airport from my home in NE. Driver accepted fare and picked up guests fine.
Then a while later I notice my charge is only $9 and I realize that something is wrong since a fare to Dulles is about $55 +. After some worried messages to my out of town guests, I get the full details.

Driver stopped for fuel a few blocks away and said her credit card was declined. She then asked for passengers to pay $50 fare in cash (to cover her gas etc). My confused friends paid her cash and they went on their way to Dulles. This is unacceptable behavior, uber drivers should be ready for journeys (especially for trips to airport) without asking passengers for cash for fuel. And she is also skimming money from Uber. She clearly knew these were out of town guests, what if they didnt have the cash to cover the fare?

I have already complained to Uber and given the driver one start for this trip. Uber wrote me back and basically nothing can be done, except they will speak to driver. So be careful for scams like this, and let your friends and family know what the deal is.


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