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General Discussion February 12, 2013 at 11:08 am

Shadowing a Doctor / Physician

Hi all,
A little background about myself: I’ve been employed with the Fed in DC for the past few years, but have been considering a switch into medicine. I’ve spent a number of months volunteering in a hospital and a few clinics around the city in non-clinical roles but would like to shadow a doctor to gain a better sense of the clinical duties a physician faces on a day-to-day basis.
However, it’s been a bit challenging to find opportunities to shadow physicians. Many hospitals in the area do not offer shadowing opportunities, and the ones that do typically reserve them for students (if the hospital is tied to an academic institution). I’ve leveraged a few of my personal contacts (personal primary care physician, friends’ relatives who are doctors, etc.), but would like to reach out to the community to cast a wider net. Cold-calling doctors isn’t quite so effective, and my own personal network of medical professionals is pretty small. Anyone know of any friendly physicians (any speciality!) who’d be willing to let a young professional shadow them for a day or more?
No worries; I can provide references, sign confidentiality agreements, be subjected to a background check, etc. I’m just a curious and inquisitive guy trying to thoroughly research the medical field before making any major life decisions 🙂


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