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Shadow – Cat abandoned on my doorstep, needs home

On Thursday evening I came home (Brightwood area) to a terrible surprise. A small pet carrier with a beautiful, 2 year old, black cat inside.  This is the note that accompanied my surprise:
“Hi, this is Shadow. I (sic) moving tomorrow and I have done everything I could to find her a good home and wasn’t successful. She’s never been outside so she’s a house cat. She’s 2 yrs old and very spoiled and in need of a good home. I am leaving her in your care because I see you have a love for cats and if you can’t keep her please find her a good home. Thanks so much, Sharon.”
Some neighbor, had to move but couldn’t take her cat with her, so she decided that it was easier to dump her burden on a stranger than to deal with the issue of relocating the cat herself. For as angry as I am about this person’s callousness towards me and this poor cat, I am at least grateful that she didn’t simply open the door, throw the cat out and leave (like others have done in my neighborhood.) But this event has been a bit difficult for the little girl. She spent a bunch of hours in a cage on my hot front porch, surrounded by neighborhood feral cats. She is now in a strange place, sequestered to a single room. She wouldn’t eat for a over a full day after she was brought in and spent the first day crammed underneath a wardrobe, hissing and growling. She has since softened, and can be pet. Though she may still hiss on occasion, you can see that she really WANTS to be pet and have her head scratched, though there is conflict within her. She has been very good about using the littler box.
I am not capable of keep this little girl. We already have 5 (yes I said FIVE!) cats inside. We had up until very recently SIX, but just lost one due to illness. We are at a delicate balance right now, and that cannot be upset. Besides, what Shadow needs right now is a safe place to decompress and grow to trust. That is not going to happen in a house with three male bullies constantly harassing her. So I’m turning to the various grassroots networks of DC for help. Can someone give this little girl a home that she can trust? I can see that she wants to be affectionate. She was very well cared for by her previous mom as evident by her brand new carrier, rabies tag, overall shiny/silky appearance. I’m sure that she will blossom once she feels she is safe and loved again. We’re trying to undo the trauma she experienced coming to us, but a life locked in a single room is no good. If you or someone you know can love this little girl, please respond back to me to find out more. Thank you!

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I don’t know how to contact you off forum, but thanks for taking care of this cat. Poor Shadow I could potentially take her, although I have another cat and if she’s super skittish that might be an issue. 
Gotta love a black cat…

Thanks for the replies, Shorebird & Staciplus! I would like to speak with you both. It would be easier to do this via the phone. Staciplus, I will email you my phone number at the email address you indicated. Shorebird, please email me at: [email protected]. Please include your phone number for me to call.

The good news is that my wife has been able to pet her with out hisses or growls, though I still get hisses. I attribute that to me smelling like 5 other cats. I bottle raised 4 of ours from 3 week old kittens and they have very closely bonded to me, not my wife. I always get a lot of sniffing from Shadow and tepid hisses. I can pet her though, and when I scratch her cheeks she leans in and enjoys it. I’m thinking it’s a matter of time and it’s all about her comfort zone and her timetable.

And yes, I do love the black cats. I lost my most beloved cat of 15 years, Spooky a couple years ago. He was a majestic and artfully sculpted black boy with a small white spot on his chest. He was the best cat I ever lived with! 

Call Dana at 202-462-4620.  She has a non-profit (can’t think of the name right now) that helps to relocate strays and other cats.
Good Luck, 


My co-worker can also help. Let me know if you still need it. 202-280-9183

It is with great happiness in my heart that I can announce that Shadow has found an awesome home!!!!!!

Thank you to all who either responded or forwarded this posting on to other people/listserves/websites. It was through networking that Shadow found her home. Thank you again! 
YEAH, SHADOW!!!!! Be a good girl.

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